A die-hard social activist brings down noise pollution by refusing to lower her voice




Owner of three-star hotel started on Rs.4 monthly salary


Suresh Poojari started as a general help in a small eatery on a monthly salary of Rs.4 at age 10. Now he owns a popular restaurant chain, a shopping mall and a 3-star hotel. In Bangalore, Poojari set up the city’s first full-fledged four-storeyed Food Court, introduced escalators, and even started the city’s first bakery for fresh bread for the ‘paav-bhaji’!

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A fan that consumes 50 percent less electricity


A Coimbatore based entrepreneur, Sundar Muruganandhan, has developed an energy efficient fan that consumes 50 percent less electricity than normal fans.

Marketed under the brand name of ‘Superfan,’ and sold through distributors in Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka and Maharashtra, the sleek and elegant looking fans come in different colors and models.

Superfan got the first prize at the India Innovation Initiative (i3) last week from among 900 entries.

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Places to visit in Chennai

Do you know the places to visit in Chennai if you would like to have a complete experience of the bustling metropolis steeped in history? Here is a list that The Weekend Leader has compiled for you. (Places have been listed in alphabetical order and not according to their importance.)

1. Choki Dhani

If you want to enjoy an authentic Rajasthani experience, Choki Dhani is the place to be. Spread over 15 acres of land, this theme park that has been created as a village showcases unique elements of the vibrant Rajasthani culture.

This village comes to life through the colorful attractions from the welcome tilak, the mandir, village bazaar, animal rides, village style photo shoots, mehendi, open lawns, and more.

The live music and dance creates an ambiance so traditional, it feels as if you have been transported to the deserts of Rajasthan.

The Rajasthani cultural experience is enhanced even further with the delicacies of the village themed restaurant, Sangri. Guests can experience authentic vegetarian cuisine on traditional leaf platters.

Located in Tandalam, near the Queensland Theme Park on the Chennai – Bangalore highway, Choki Dhani is open from 4 pm-11pm. It is the perfect destination to enjoy an ethnic Rajasthani evening.

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Jaydeep Mandal develops low cost sanitary napkins

Jaydeep Mandal, co-founder of Delhi headquartered Aakar Innovations, who has developed a low-cost sanitary napkin machine that is all set to penetrate rural India, had an interest in innovations right from his childhood.

At school, he had designed a water-lifting device for irrigational use. But the innovation that would satisfy him most was to come years later.

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